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Spring Greater Chicago Postcard and Paper Shows

Fall Greater Chicago Postcard and Paper Shows

Spring Dallas Metro Postcard and Paper Shows
Fall Dallas Metro Postcard and Paper Shows
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Wichita Postcard and Paper Show - Hal Ottaway
Greater Kansas City (Lenexa) Metro Postcard Show

DEALER NEWS from Courthouse Square

This is a Postcard and Paper Dealer Newsletter from CourthouseSquare.net


2018 Postcard Shows and Contracts

All available CourthouseSquare.net show contracts are available below.


NOTE: Kansas City (Lenexa KS) Show Next Week

Our Show Venue

Hotel Changes Name in Kansas City (Lenexa) from Crown Plaza Lenexa to Clarion Hotel Kansas City-overland Park (Lenexa)

Hotel Name Change from Crown Plaza to Clarion Hotel...everything else is same.phone numbers, addresses, deals)

Kansas City(Lenexa) is pretty much sold out. If you aren't on the (included here) dealer list, call or email us.

Our dealers include:

Jim Taylor, MO, Gordon Carlson, IA, Neal Stanley, KS, Tony Meager, AZ, Jeff Eischen, NE, Alan Banks, MO, Sam Henson, MO, Tracy Bradford, TX, Richard Roberts, CO, Ralph Bowman, CA, Jon Linn, MO, Paul Ostlie, IA, Judy Cresap, IL, Lee Lanning, TX, Dennis Hart, MO, Ron Clark, MO, Brad Stephens, NE, Chris Peaden, KS, Jim Mehrer, IL, Al Peterson, CO, Nathan Huegel, NE, Jay Albert, NE, Postcard Club Info Table



We are adding a postcard room to a HUGE Antique Show at Springfield Mo Fairgrounds the Weekend After Wichita Postcard Show, HUGE crowd, usually 4,000 plus paid admissions over the weekend, we will put 8-12 dealers in our room as part of the larger show, one admission covers both shows for customers. We did this in New Braunfels TX in January and had rave reviews and results. New Braunfels dealers all renewed, it sold out for 2019 at the 2018 show.

We hope to repeat that success in Springfield in October. Contact us now (see details below)(print contracts at bottom of this eBlast) to join us in Springfield MO at the

HUGE Heritage Antique Festival of the Ozarks, Fairgrounds, Springfield, MO, Oct 27,28, 2018,(Sat-Sun) weekend after Wichita International Postcard show.


2019 Shows Are Coming together, new shows, some new dates for existing shows, new venue for Houston.

NEW! Mar 9,10, 2019 NEW!

Oklahoma City

Postcard and Paper Show

Huge Heritage Event Co.Antique Land Run Show,OKC Fairgrounds, HEC and Jim Taylor(details soon)

THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE HUGE...Thousands attend this annual event.

(as always the Land Run Antique Show by Heritage Event Co is HUGE)

(...the OKC Fairgrounds is HUGE.....)

Contact us now so our postcard part of the Land Run show can be a HUGE success as well. Email or call me. We are looking for 8-12 postcard/paper/photo vendors for our part of the show. We have a good list for Oklahoma, and haven't had a Postcard/Paper show in Oklahoma City since 2005.....and we've had a lot of inquiries in the years since, wanting us to come back.



We want you to come to OKC, then Dallas, then Houston in March 2019. Three Great Shows in a Row.


Below in Schedule, where it says" (click here for printable contract)."....just click anywhere on that text, it will load a pdf of the linked contract for that show. Then just print. If you need one mailed to you, or emailed to you,

Call or Text to: 1-417-389-1512

If you need a contract mailed to you, just email us your snail-mail address and we'll mail the contracts to you.


Kansas City(Lenexa) coming June 22,23, see below!


2018 Show Schedule





Postcard Dealers: 2018-19 Contracts and Updates

If you need us to send you printed contracts, just let us know. Call or text us at 417.389.1512.

2018 Show Notes:


Regarding our shows:
We won't have time to call and check to see who is coming and who isn't, so please let us know your wishes. We typically do one contract mailing and several emails regarding contracts and show space availability. All of the available contracts are available below as pdf links. Let us know as soon as you can if you wish to do one our shows.

We look forward to the coming year of shows, in addition to the 12 or so that we produce, we attend and set up at many others. We appreciate the effort you all make to keep postcard shows a vital part of our hobby. We have a great hobby, and supporting as many shows as possible is important to keeping the hobby alive. Have a great year, hope to see you at the shows, Let us know if if you need any additional information.

Jim Taylor
417.389.1512 (cell and text)
1.888.451.0340 toll free no text
1.417.451.3463 no text



If you can't download printable pdf contracts (below) either email or call us and we will send via snail-mail or attached email.

Text to: 1-417-389-1512

jmtaylor@ipa.net or call 1.888.451.0340


Jun 22, 23, 2018 Greater Kansas City(Lenexa KS) Metro Postcard and Paper Show, Jim Taylor(Fri-Sat)(click here for printable KC(Lenexa) contract)NOTE:Hotel Name Change from Crown Plaza to Clarion Hotel...everything else is same.)

Aug 24, 25, 2018 Springfield Postcard and Paper Show, Springfield MO, Jim Taylor(Fri-Sat)(click here for printable Springfield Summer Contract)

Oct 12, 13, 2018 Fall Greater Dallas Postcard and Paper Show, Jim Taylor(Fri-Sat)(click for printable Dallas Fall contract)

Oct 27, 28, 2018. Fall Springfield MO Postcard and Paper Show, HUGE Heritage Antique Festival of the Ozarks, Fairgrounds, HEC and Jim Taylor(Sat-Sun)(Click here for printable Fall Springfield MO Jim Taylor/HEC Antique Festival contract)

Nov 2, 3, 2018 Fall Greater Chicago Postcard and Paper Show Jim Taylor(Fri-Sat)(ends Sat at 3PM)(click here for printable Chicago Fall contract)

2019 SHOWS

Jan 11,12,13, 2019 New Braunfels TX Postcard and Paper Show, Jim Taylor(Fri-Sat-Sun) SOLD OUT

Mar 9,10, 2019 NEW! Oklahoma City Postcard and Paper Show, Jim Taylor,Huge Heritage Antique Land Run Show,OKC Fairgrounds, HEC and Jim Taylor(details soon)

Mar 15,16, 2019 Spring Greater Dallas Postcard Show, Jim Taylor(details soon)

Mar 22, 23, 2019, Houston Postcard and Paper Show(details soon)

Apr 19, 20, 2019, Greater Chicago Postcard and Paper Show.(details soon)


We try to provide all our shows with a 'host' hotel. With internet room rates being so volatile, we no longer try to guarantee a "best" rate, we just try to save a block of rooms when we can, and as best a rate as we can. Personally, I like to stay where my cards are. Many dealers seem to find lower rates online.


ONLY Dealers with show tables allowed in our shows during set up.


DIDN'T FIND YOUR SHOW? This page is dedicated to the Courthouse Square sponsored, produced and promoted shows.

NOTE: Visit our Postcard News from Courthouse Square Newsletter, for other shows around the country, promoters and contacts, just click here to see the other promoters schedules and contact info.




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Jim Taylor, CourthouseSquare.net

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