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Limited Edition, Route 66/Roadside Postcard Show Set

by Artist Rick Geary

Published by Courthouse Square Antique Cards

Jim Taylor

PO Box 399

Neosho Mo 64850

Email: jmtaylor@ipa.net.

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This is an ongoing set, Limited to 500 Printed each card (All cards are subject to being previously sold out, and no longer available)

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29. 2006 Dallas TX, Club Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Show & Sale. Feb 17,18,2006. Features Big Tex, State Fair

30. 2006 Greater Tulsa, OK, Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Show & Sale. May 12,13 Features Grand River Dam, Vinita OK, 4th annual NPCW National Post Card Week, issue..


33. 2007 Dallas / Austin , Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Shows Feb 16,17, 2007, and Feb 23, 24, 2007, Exaggerated Map of Texas


34. 2007 Hannibal MO , Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Shows Mar 9,10, 2007, Mark Twain and Mississippi River

35. 2007 Greater Tulsa, OK, Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Show & Sale. May 11,12 Features Giant RT 66 Boot, Chili Parlor. NPCW National Post Card Week, issue..


36. 2007 Atomic Blast, Wichita KS, Antique Postcard & Paper Americana Show & Sale. Oct 2007 Features Giant Bomb Blast, Collecting Postcards Is A Blast..for The Humor of the Atomic Bomb in Postcards Exhibit, winner of Best of Show, Wichita 2007.

37. 2008 Greetings from Rufus, Large letter dedicated to our Great Pyrnees and Great Friend. Lost to the 2007 summer's heat. Since he was featured in a number of our Rick Geary cards, we thought a 'large letter' featuring some of his earlier images would be appropriate. Issued Feb, 2008 in conjunction with Springfield MO show..


38. 2008 Whatever It Takes To Get There, no gas, headed from Joplin Postcard Show to Wichita Show. Issued in conjunction with Joplin Oct 2008 show.

39. 2009 RBF The New West Coast, Greater Phoenix Postcard and Paper Show, 2009

40. 2011 Airport Full Body Scan, Show Schedule, heading out for the shows.

41. 2011 Greater Dallas Fall Show, Rt 66, "Cad Ranch, with Texas Wally's truck being buried.

42. 2011 Clantons Cafe, RT 66 Vinita, Me and Cousin Will Rogers heading to the Greater Chicago fall 2011 show.

43. 2015 Show Schedule CourthouseSquare.net Texas Airship Mystery Solved.


44. 2016 Spring Dallas Postcard Show Move, Southfork to Comfort Inn


45. 2016 Show Schedule CourthouseSquare.net Burma Shave Signs


46. 2016 Dallas and Wichita Show Billboards


47. 2016 Greater Kansas City Show, Airplane over Lenexa


48. 2016 Atomic Bomb, Area 51, National Postcard Week


49. 2019 Vintage Tulsa Antique Show 10 Year Anniversary, Scott and Gail Kinney


50. 2019 Show Schedule CourthouseSquare.net Dozen Eggs


51. 2019 Dinosaurs Waiting for the Asteroid.


52. 2020, Vintage Tulsa Valentines Day Gail and Scott Kinney.


53. 2020 Postcard Shgow on Mars Coming.....


54. 2020 Drones delivering the postcards to our show locations.





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